china promotes vaccines to friends


China has approved at least two experimental vaccines under an emergency that started in July with soldiers and employees of state-owned companies and has quietly expanded to involve health care and aviation employees. Its vaccine-manufacturers have built plants that can produce hundreds of thousands of doses, The Philippines will have rapid access to a Chinese coronavirus vaccine.

Latin American and Caribbean nations will accept $1 billion in loans to buy the medicine. Bangladesh will get hold of more than 100,000 free doses from a Chinese company.
China is still most likely months away from mass-producing a vaccine that is secure for public use.

The country is using the prospect of the vaccine’s invention in a charm offensive aimed at repair China’s vaccine assurances, on top of shipments of masks and ventilators across the world, help it project itself as a responsible player as the United States retreats from global leadership. Beijing’s steps could also help it push back next to accusations that the ruling Communist Party should be held responsible for its early missteps when the coronavirus first emerged in China in December.

The capability to develop and deliver vaccines to inferior countries would also be a strong signal of China’s rise as a scientific leader in a new post-pandemic global order.

“People are very willing to take a Chinese vaccine,” said Ghazala Parveen, a senior official at the National Institute of Health in Pakistan, where two Chinese vaccine-makers are performing trials. “In fact, we are being asked by people to have the vaccine ready as soon as possible.” By some ways, China is leading the global race for a COVID-19 vaccine. It has four countries in the last phase of clinical trials, more than any other country.


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