Is the decision of Lalbaug Mandal right not to setup idol of Lord Ganesha in 2020?


COVID-19 has disrupted the entire human life. As it has become difficult to live, most of the social places are closed, or Public festival are celebrated in low crowd , so now on July 1 the lalbaug ganeshutsav mandal have decided not to celebrate ganeshutsav this year and they will not even set up an idol of Lord Ganesha, they have decided to start a blood donation and plasma camp at that place for 11 days. This will be the first time in history that the Lalbaugcha raja will not be set up.

The decision of blood donation and plasma camp is right and good. But it is a not difficult to erect a statue of the idol of Lord Ganesha, most people said that the statue of the idol of Lord Ganesha should not be placed 14 feet like every year. It should be kept at 1 to 3 feet and should be worshiped like Ganesha at home. Do not allow people to visit, Don’t allow people to darshan, just have a live darshan every day.

Recently you may have heard the verdict on Jagannath Puri mahotsav in Odisha, the Supreme Court had allowed for mahotsav, but it was under the rules of social distancing.

The court must have given its verdict considering the faith, beliefs and sentiments of the people. The Ganeshutsav of the idol of Lord Ganesha can also be observed according to the rules of social distancing,the decision not to erect an idol of the king of Lalbaug seems to be a very shocking one.

The Lalbaugcha Raja is known as the deity of Mannat. The sentiments of many people are involved in this, people don’t want to break the tradition of idol installation that has been going on for many years, need to find a solution. The decision taken by Lalbaug Mandal not to install idols should be reconsidered.


  1. I hope you are well during this Covid 19 pandemic crisis.
    Be honest, my opinion for lalbaug mandal is they doing well job but I think mandal do not denied yearly festival. Atleast they will make 2 feet lord ganesha statue and establish on same place.
    Lord ganesh bless people who will donate blood and plaza blood for Corona patient.
    And my advice is to all people to celibate this ganesh festival with only family and cancel to go anywhere, lord ganesh not want statue for him, if we have only paper which have make lord ganesh sticker then is ok. God don’t want statue, man creat this things.

  2. According to my opinion Lalbaug Mandal took dicision is correct. Lots of people will come to take blessed from lord Ganesha, and if people gather then it will more chances to spread COVID-19, who will come to take blessing from Lord Ganesha. The Lalbuag Mandal took good decision for arranging blood donation and plasma donation for COVID-19 affected people. This 20-20 everyone should protect our self and also wealth, festival we can cellibrate next year also.


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