Sushant Singh’s Lawyer Walks Out of Live Interview With Rajdeep Sardesai, Who Wanted Shushant’s Family to ‘mourn quietly’


ccSingh, who has been at the forefront of the battle to ensure justice is served for the late actor’s family has asserted that Mumbai police and Maharashtra government are helping Sushant’s girlfriend and prime accused Rhea Chakraborty.

Sushant Singh’s father in FIR accused Rhea and her family to abetment of suicide and cheating the actor.

In just two minutes, Singh walked out from the interview after Sardesai pointed fingers on the family for holding a ‘media trial’ of Rhea Chakraborty. Rajdeep says, “You’re using television channels to put pressure on the judge, who tomorrow will give a verdict. But for the last several weeks ‘#CBIforSSR’ Rhea herself has asked CBI, but how the case is being done is as if Rhea is already guilty. Is that the way a trial should run in studios?”

Ironically, Rajdeep, who has himself held multiple shows over the actor’s death and even keeps tweeting his opinions on it, accused the deceased actor’s family of holding a ‘media trial’.

Vikas responds by saying, “If that is your complaint then I should not talk to you because I am not asking you to talk to me. I am not interested in the media trial. I am not going to any media. It is people like you who are after me to join your channel. You can just switch me off.”

Rajdeep lamely continued to plead with him and tried to ask him a question but Singh had already removed the earpiece and moved out of the camera.

This led to a lot of social media chatter stating that “Rajdeep and Insult go hand in hand..”


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