2 Arrested With 1,727 Kg Drugs Worth Rs. 8 Crore in Madhya Pradesh


In Madhya Pradesh, Agar malwa district on Saturday, two men were arrested while allegedly transporting 1,727 kg cannabis. The Uttar Pradesh special task force said.

Additional Superintendent of Police (STF) Raj Kumar Mishra said “Two men were arrested and a container truck impounded which had a secret cavity in which the contraband was stored” he also said, “As much as 1,727 kg of illegal cannabis pegged worth approximately ₹ 8 crores has been seized”.

“As much as 1,727 kg of illegal cannabis pegged worth approximately Rs. 8 crore has been sezied” he further added.

The action was taken around 12.30 pm by a team of the local Madhya Pradesh Police and the Noida unit of the Superintendent of Police (STF). The arrest was made in Susner town of the Agar Malwa district in Madhya Pradesh. The accused were identified as Shubham Tyagi and Lokesh Singh, both natives of Ghaziabad district in Uttar Pradesh, And also the truck which is impounded is registered in Ghaziabad, the STF said.

Further legal proceedings are under process said agency.

(Except for the headline, this story is not been edited it is published from a Syndicated feed)


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