27% of Central school students have no availability of phone or laptops to access classes: Study


According to the survey, over a quarter of a total of 34,000 students, teachers, principals, and parents cited sporadically and lack of power supply as a major obstacle.

At least 27 percent of students do not have access to phones or laptops to attend online classes, amid the COVID school shutdown. While 28 percent of students and parents believe irregular and lack of electricity is one of the major issues hindering learning, according to a survey by the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training).

The maximum number of stakeholders have opted for mobile phones as a medium for teaching-learning during the ongoing pandemic.

The survey covered 18,188 students studying in CBSE-affiliated schools, Kendriya Vidyalayas and Navodaya Vidyalayas.

Around 36 percent of the students used textbooks and other books available with them. Laptops were the second-most favored option amongst teachers and principals. Television and radio were the least used devices for learning in the pandemic situation, the report added.

The survey also noted that the subjects in which children are facing maximum problems at home are Mathematics which contains a number of concepts, requires interaction, continuous support, supervision from the teacher, and these particulars were lacking in the online mode of teaching, the survey states.

Another subject that the students find tough to understand is science which is identified as the subject of concern since it contains different concepts and practical experiments, which could only be done in the laboratory under the supervision of the teacher, the survey added.

Based on the survey findings, the Ministry of Education has formulated the Student’s Learning Enhancement Guidelines. These guidelines will help students who do not have access to digital resources, to get learning opportunities at their homes, with their teachers or volunteers.

The guidelines stated that teachers form groups of students who stay in nearby locations and are of the same or different grades can empower students to help each other and do peer learning and tutoring.


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