A large blaze erupts in the Beirut port area, month after the explosion New fire erupts in Beirut Port after the devastating blast.


A large fire exploded in Beirut’s port on Thursday, emitting up orange flames and a huge plume of black smoke that petrified residents still trying to turn up the corner from the dreadful port explosion that devastated entire neighborhoods last month.

The fire appeared to have started in a warehouse that belonged to a private company that imported cooking oil. Later, the fire spread to a stock of rubber tires, according to the reports of The New York Times, It was not immediately clear what caused the fire. No victims have been reported so far.

Firefighters were present at the site, the military said its helicopters were being used in efforts to extinguish the blaze.  The footage shared on social media showed the port workers running away from the site as the fire broke out.

The Lebanese Army stated, this month, that it had found another stock of more than four tons of ammonium nitrate stored near the port, aggravating the fears of city residents. The army said it had disposed of the stock.

In Spite of assurance that the situation was under control, few residents recovering and still traumatized by the previous explosion, drove out of the city.

According to the reports of The New York Times, the outbreak of a large fire so close to the site of the original blast caused some speculation that it had been set intentionally to destroy evidence or help with insurance claims.  

The destruction and havoc created because of the explosion along with the negligence of the government, have left the citizens of Lebanon wondering how their country is going to recover from this immense loss.  


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