After getting his missing phone back, a Malaysian man finds it full of monkey ‘selfies’


A Malaysian man says he found monkey selfies and videos on his missing phone a day after he restored it in the jungle behind his house. A student from Malaysia was surprised to discover his lost phone having selfies and videos of monkeys in it. The student said he thought his phone had been stolen when he was asleep. But he didn’t know exactly how the mobile went missing.

According to the BBC Mr. Zackrydz, 20 years old, realized his smartphone was missing when he woke up at around 11 am on Saturday morning. He said, “there was no sign of robbery, the only thing I’m wondering is, is it some kind of sorcery?” Mr. Zackrydz said he failed to find any trace of his phone until Sunday afternoon when his father noticed a monkey outside their house.

It was on Sunday that his father started calling on his phone again. He heard ringing from the jungle a few steps beyond the back garden, he then discovered his begrimed phone on some leaves under a palm tree. His uncle said jokingly, maybe the thief might have clicked pictures and after checking the picture gallery he found a series of selfies and videos of monkeys.

There is no history of primates stealing anything from the neighborhood, said Mr. Zackrydz, he thinks the monkey may have entered from his brother’s open bedroom window. He tweeted on Sunday, “Something that you might see once in a century,” The pictures have gathered over 2.5 lakh views and hundreds of amused comments on the social media platforms.


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