China In Talks With WHO Over Evaluating Its COVID-19 Vaccines For Global Use


China in talks with the World Health Organization to access its provincially produced COVID-19 vaccines, as a step forward to make them available for global use, a WHO official said on Tuesday, Oct  6th.  

Thousands of essential workers and other groups, considered at high risk in China have been treated with local vaccines which are developed as clinical trials, as it is not fully completed, it cannot be raised as safety measures, according to experts.

World Health Organization’s Socorro Escalate, a coordinator for essential medicines and health technologies in the Western Pacific region, told a news conference held online that China had conducted introductory discussions with WHO to have its vaccines included in a list for emergency use.

In a conference held online, Escalate said, “Potentially through this emergency use listing the quality and safety of these vaccines and efficacy could be assessed, and then this could be made available for our licensees”. This, as well helps WHO member states and UN procurement agencies to control the acceptability of the vaccines.

China, till now has at least four experimental vaccines in the final stage of clinical trials, and two are developed by China National Biotech and CanSino Biologies respectively.


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