Chinese actions reflect a disregard ignorance of various bilateral agreements: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh


Defence minister Rajnath Singh in Rajya Sabha said, “ I would like to assure Parliament that India will not be stepping back from taking any harsh decisions and that our forces are in a better position to strike back”. He further added that China had built up war machines and troops near LAC. 

Rajnath Singh also said that China continues to illegally occupy a large area of Ladakh. China is still in the illegal occupation of thirty-eight thousand sq kms in Ladakh. China also claims approximately 90,000 sq. kms. of Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh.  Chinese actions mirror a disregard of India’s various bilateral agreements. 

After a statement in Rajya Sabha on the India-China dispute, Singh also assured opposition members that there would be no change in patrolling patterns in eastern Ladakh, the site of the dispute. 

The defence minister assured the house that the armed forces would face the current challenge successfully. Singh said, “As we know there have been standoffs previously which were resolved peacefully. Though, this year it seems different, the countries are committed to peaceful restrictions. But I want to assure the house, we are ready to face all situations”.


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