Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee design school uniform for underprivileged girls of Jaisalmer


Bollywood’s favourite designer who is known for his custom- made designs and gorgeous bridal collection, has now partnered with a non profit organization and his is making uniform for girls of Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls school in Jaisalmer.
Sabyasachi posted on social media and shared images showcasing the blue-maroon Ajrakh textile creating a lovely combination. The outfit has three – fourth sleeves and has button in front with pockets on either side. The uniforms have been specially created for the noble cause. Internet users have been quite impressed with the move and have been flooding the comments section of the announcement with encouraging messages.
Talking about the project Sabyasachi said, ‘ I have always believed in the transformation power of education. Its impact ripples outwards and upwards, from an individual level to society at large. Especially dear to me are initiatives that focus their resources on educating girls the demographic most limited in access to opportunity and most stifled by archaic social experience.
Also he wrote, ” I was thrilled about the project. It would provide Young girls in Jaisalmer with en education, and give women in the region vocational skills and the opportunity for economic.


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