Fake news caused panic among migrants to walk home: Govt


Migrant workers took walking hundreds of kilometers to their homeland during the lockdown because of fake news, the government told Parliament. They further added that the global experience with novel Coronavirus and its highly infectious effects led to a nationwide lockdown on March 24 at a notice of just four hours. 

The information was announced in Lok Sabha by Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai in response to two separate questions by Opposition members. 

When the question,’ why did migrants labourers have to walk miles to reach their home?’ Rai answered,” The fake news regarding the duration of lockdown created panic among the migrants, especially the labourers were worried about  their sufficient supply of basic necessities like food, drinking water, health services and shelter.”

Comprehending the steps taken by the government Rai said, “ the central government was aware of this and took all necessary measures to ensure that during the period of the inescapable lockdown, no citizen should be deprived of basic amenities of food, drinking water, medical facilities etc”. 

Congress MP Manish Tewari questioned why the government had to declare a nationwide lockdown at a notice of just four hours. Rai quoted in writing that soon after the breakout of Coronavirus, on 7th January,2020 several measures like progressive tightening of international travel, issuing official announcements for members of the public, setting up quarantine facilities etc. were undertaken by the Central Government to hold the spread of COVID-19.


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