Firms with up to 300 workers can hire and fire without any govt notice: Bill proposed in Lok Sabha


The government has suggested, introducing more conditions restricting the rights of workers to strike, also, an increase in the starting point to dismiss and the reduction of the cost in industrial establishments with 300 workers, from 100 workers or more at present, steps that are likely to provide more flexibility to employers for hiring and firing workers without government’s permission.

These changes have been proposed in The Industrial Relation Code Bill, passed in Lok Sabha,2020, labour and employment minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar introduced two different code bills. The first bill is proposed on the Social Security, 2020, and another one on Occupational Safety, Health, and Working Conditions Code, 2020.

Workers in small establishments, with up to 300 workers will have their rights weakened with no protection of trade unions, labor laws. Besides, there’s a provision that makes a legal strike just about impossible.

This implies that industrial establishments with up to 300 workers will not be required to equip a standing order, which will enable companies to introduce arbitrary service conditions for workers.


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