Hathras Case: Rape Cases Can Be Stopped Only With ‘Sanskar’ Not Governance says UP BJP MLA


BJP’s MLA Surendra Singh said, “I am a teacher along with being an MLA. such incidents (like rape) can be stopped only with “sanskar” (culture), or with shasan (governance) or talwar (sword).

Amidst huge outrage over the alleged gangrape of 20-year-old Dalit women from Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras, who died in Delhi on Tuesday. A BJP MLA Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia has commented: “It’s the duty of all mothers and fathers to inculcate good values in their daughters and bring them up in a cultured environment. It’s my dharma, government’s dharma but family’s dharma too, while the government is committed to protecting the families, the family should be committed to inculcating values in their daughters. Only ‘ sanskaar’ can make our country beautiful, there’s no other alternative”. He was heard saying this in a video while replying to the question asked by a reporter, who had asked him: “Why do you think rape cases continue to happen even when people address UP as “ Ram Rajya?”

This particular MLA is known for making controversial statements like these, earlier, he had commented on West Bengal’s CM Mamta Banerjee by calling her a ‘cruel-hearted’ woman. His comments continue to come as opposition leaders oppose UP’s CM Adiyanath Yogi over handling of the case.

However, on Saturday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath handed over the case to CBI hours after topmost officials DGP HC Awasthy and Additional Chief Secretary Awanish Awasthi, visited the family.

In the middle of colossal criticism, by far, this was the first visit by top officials and police since the alleged gang rape took place on Sept 14th. 


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