How will you take care of your kidneys?


Kidneys are fist-sized organs located at the bottom of your rib cage, on both sides of your spine. several functions are performed by them, they filter waste impurities from your body. These waste products are stored in your bladder and later expelled through urine. We need to find kidney disease before it gets advanced, one needs to test regular, but important especially for the one who is at risk.

Here are some ways to keep your kidneys healthy.

Stay fit and hydrated: Drinking plenty of fluid will help your kidneys function properly. Your urine should be straw-colored. If it’s any darker it may be a sign of dehydration. In a hot climate or, when exercising strenuously, you need to drink more water than usual to make up for the fluid lost by sweating.

Control blood sugar: High blood sugar, may develop kidney damage. When your body’s cells can’t use the glucose (sugar) in your blood, your kidneys are forced to work extra hard to filter your blood. Over years of exertion, this can lead to life-threatening damage.

However, if you can control your blood sugar, you reduce the risk of damage.

 Control your weight and have a healthy diet: A balanced and healthy diet ensures you get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and grains such as whole-wheat pasta, bread, and rice. Don’t eat too much salty or fatty food.

Don’t smoke: Too much alcohol and smoking consumption both raise your blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the most common causes of kidney disease.

Take proper fluid intake:  Water is the best tool for the body one should have 6-8 glass of water. Also, Cranberry Juice, Cranberries, Apples, Mushrooms, Egg Whites help your body to be fit.

Have your kidney function tested, if at high risk: A regular kidney function test is a great way to know your kidney’s health and to check for possible changes. Getting ahead of any kind of damage can help you to prevent further risk.


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