Historic Ayodhya Ceremony Updates: PM lays Silver Brick for Ram Temple, PM Modi’s top quotes in Speech


Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Ayodhya today morning for ‘Bhumi Pujan’ of Ram Mandir. PM Modi laid a 40 kg Silver brick for a grand Ram temple after ‘Bhumi Pujan’ or a groundbreaking ceremony attended mostly by spiritual leaders. The foundation of the stone laying ceremony will mark the beginning of the construction of Ram Temple. After the legal battle from decades, Supreme Court handed over the ownership to Hindus last year.

PM Modi said, “It is an emotional moment for India. A long wait ends today. A grand temple will now be built for Lord Ram who had been living under a tent for many years” addressing the gathering to chants of “Jai Shri Ram”.

“It’s my good fortune that Ram Janmabhoomi Trust has invited me to the event and gave me a chance to be a witness to this historic moment” PM Modi addresses at the groundbreaking event.

Here are PM Modi’s top quotes at the Ram temple event in Ayodhya.

  • “Ram is everyones.. Lord Ram resides in everyone.”
  • “India is creating a golden chapter in Ayodhya, wait of centuries ends today. Many people made sacrifices for Ram temple, I pay respect to them.”
  • “Social Harmony was the core principle of Lord Ram’s governance.”
  • “Ram temple symbolizes India’s rich heritage, will be an inspiration to the entire humanity.”
  • “The way Dalits, Adivasis and all the members of the society helped Mahatma Gandhi in freedom struggle.. the same way, the construction of Ram temple has started due to support from people across the country.”
  • “Lord Ram has taught us how to commit to our responsibilities. He has taught us how to move beyond resistance and follow a path of knowledge and research. We have to build this temple with a feeling of brotherhood.”
  • “The temple construction won’t just add the beauty to Ayodhya but it would also change the face of the area and more opportunities will be created. Imagine, people from across the world will come here for darshan of Lord Ram and Janaki Mata.”
  • “I believe, we will all move forward, the country will move forward. This temple of Lord Ram will continue to inspire and guide humanity for years to come.”


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