India has one of the highest recovery rates of 88% – PM Narendra Modi


PM Narendra Modi said – The future will be shaped by a society that invest in science & innovation. One has to invest will in advance.

While addressing the inaugurating function of Grand challenge annual meeting 2020. PM Narendra Modi highlighted India’s fight against the Corona virus and prominence on the timely developing in the field of science and innovation. He said- In India the rates of highest recovery is because of the flexible lockdown. The population in India is almost four times that of USA, but thanks to the people and the approach India kept the death of Corona virus very low because we had adopted the lockdown when the cases were hundred. He also referred to many changes made by India, like improving cleanliness and greater coverage of toilets which help India for better healthcare system.

Talking About the  meeting it was being  held physically in India but due to circumstances it happen  virtually,  the annual meeting featured scientists and innovators from across the world in order to solve the global  challenges. The 3 days event involved panel discussion , leader talks virtual informal conversation on topic from science , managing pandemic and prevention. 1600 people from 40 countries participated in the meeting.   He said “ we are not stopping here. India is already working on putting a well established vaccine delivery mechanism in place “


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