Just like “Baba Ka Dhaba”, Agrawal’s “ “Rotiwali Amma” awaits similar response



After the Baba Ka Dhaba’s success story strengthen the power of social media. Within few days the story of the 80-year-old couple’s failing the dhaba business went viral, many people came out in support and started flocking the dhaba out of love and sympathy.

A similar story of an 80 year old woman, now famous as ‘Rotiwali Amma’, running a roadside food stall, went viral and caught the attention of netizens, but failed to recreate the same magic so far.

Bhagwan Devi, a widow, has been running the food stall for the past 15 years selling a thali of roti, dal, vegetables, and rice for just Rs 20, near St. John College in Agra. Like many other small and big businesses,

The elderly woman has been doing this for the last 15 years, but her small business saw a downfall after the COVID- pandemic. With hardly any sale these days, even her usual customers are scarce due to the coronavirus threat.

She says her two sons don’t look after her, and that way she runs the small eatery all by herself, most of the time she is asked to leave to the place. She says her only hope is to get a permanent place. Pictures of the stall have gone viral and she needs support, so if you are in Agra help her and support her.


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