Kamala Harris Mentions Indian, Jamaican Parents In 1st Election Speech as the VP


Joe Biden, an American politician who served as the 47th vice president of the United States has selected Kamala Harris as his choice for the Vice President role. She is Joe Biden’s ‘do no harm’ pick.

In a choice where race and gender are the most crucial criterion, US Democratic nominee Joe Biden declared California Senator Kamala Harris – the first Asian American and a Black woman in American history on a major party ticket- as his vice presidential pick.

In her opening remarks during her first campaign appearance as Joe Biden’s choice for vice president, Senator Kamala Harris spoke about her parents, Jamaican and Indian immigrants, and talked about the importance of family in her life.

Kamala Harris spoke about how her parents, Indian and Jamaican immigrants, met while protesting for civil rights in Oakland in the 1960s.

Harris further said that both her parents had come from opposite sides of the world to meet in America. Her mother was an Indian while her father was a Jamaican, both were in search of a world-class education. It was the civil rights movement that brought them together in the 1960s. That was how they met as students in the streets of Oakland marching and protesting for justice in a struggle that continues in the present day.

She pointed out Trump’s failure to take the virus seriously, to get Covid-19 testing up to and running, to offer a national strategy for tackling the pandemic that has led to 16 millions of people lose their jobs, a crisis of poverty, unemployment, a crisis of homelessness that is burdening black, brown, and native people the most.

Harris also mentioned and honored the women who helped pave the way for her and proclaimed the work needed to curb the Coronavirus pandemic.

In conclusion, the senator said, “After the most competitive primary in history, the country received a resounding message that Joe was the person to lead us forward and, Joe, I am so proud to stand with you. And I do so mindfully of all the heroic and ambitious women before me whose sacrifice, determination, and resilience make my presence here today even possible.” The California Senator was remarkably honored by the responsibility and claimed that she was prepared to work.


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