Kasaragod a district in Kerala has set up a COVID-19 hospital in the state but is yet to allot the staff


The Tata group handed over the keys of its COVID-19 hospital government, before 19 days, but it’s yet to start functioning. The Tata group has kept its promise and completed the construction of the COVID-19 hospital within 5 months.

The much-talked-about hospital building in Kasaragod, a district in the village remains on the hilltop, still waiting for a start. The hospital contains cabins, strong iron cots in the rooms with at least two air conditioners, separate cupboards for each bed, and attached bathrooms for each room. There are rooms for intensive care units (ICU) and ventilator facilities.  Also, there are single rooms for isolation purposes. At Least 60 crores were spent to build a hospital that provides a total of 540 beds.

A senior doctor from the district said that the scarcity of staff is the biggest challenge in Kasaragod’s health sector. He further added, “there are more than 60 doctors in the district hospital. This was never filled before COVID-19 or when it struck. As a result, the situation has turned worse.”

The senior doctor also mentioned that only half of the appointed doctors actually join duty while many take a transfer.


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