Massive Explosion in Beirut by Ammonium Nitrate killed 80 peoples


The massive explosion shakes Lebanon’s capital Beirut which occurred in Lebanon local time around 6 p.m. Tuesday, August 4, 2020. The blast killed more than 80 people and injured 4000 people.

The explosion which heard in Nicosia 240 km (150 miles) away in Cyprus, was logged by a seismologist, registered as the equivalent of a 3.4 magnitude earthquake.

Rescuers worked through the night into Wednesday, after the two enormous explosions ripped through Beirut. The second blast sent an enormous orange fireball into the sky, immediately followed by a tornado-like shockwave that flattered the port. Bloodied, dazed and injured people stumbled among the debris, glass shards, and burning building in the central area. The force of the blast threw the people in the resident’s area away from the apartment.

International has come out to announce that we will help many things accordingly.

But let’s have a story where people doubt about the bomb happened. In the beginning, there is news that the exclusion happens due to the fireworks factor But seriously many people know that they think that this explosion is not a firework. Lebanon’s official confirm it’s not a  firework, but it’s a substance call Ammonium Nitrate which is used as fertilizer in the explosion which is known because the official has recorded Ammonium Nitrate.

Prime minister Hassan Daib said 2750  tonnes of the agricultural fertilizer ammonium nitrate that had been stored for years in Warehouse had blown up sparkling “a disaster in every sense of the world.”

Adding to it Diab said, “what happened today will not pass without accountability, those responsible for this catastrophe will pay the price.”

The warehouse containers early for 6 years with a total of over 2700 turns he estimated that the exclusion is powerful as a hundred tones of Dynamite explosion.

“Buildings were shaking ” tweeted one resident while another wrote, “An enormous defending explosion just engulfed Beirut heard it from miles away the explosion hit the country already reeling from its worst economic crisis in decades.


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