New education policy 2020: Highlights


The new system of schooling will be a major change in the country, gone are the days of your school program and activities. The new educational system 2020 has a new medium of learning, new universities to set up the campus to India, and students getting vocational education.

The New Education Policy (NEP) launched on Wednesday, July 29 by the Union Cabinet on producing a systematic way to reconstruct the educational system of the country. The NEP 2020  aims at making India a global knowledge superpower this academic begins by September – October 2020.

The 8 realistic programming’s about to expect.

  1. Global Universe to set up a campus in India as per the policy document foreign universities will be given special depend on the station regarding regulating government and content norms on par with other autonomous Institutions of India.
  2. The policy aims to include Sanskrit as one of the main languages among the three language formula also Sanskrit to make standardized at school and higher education.
  3. NTA- National Testing Agency will offer a high-quality common aptitude test. The entrance exam will be conducted twice a year by university admissions. Importance of the board to be reduced.
  4. The 5 + 3 +3 +4 system explains that the old structure of 10 + 2 school education will be revised by the new formula. Children aged 3-8 will be in the foundation stage (5 years), those aged 8-11 will be part of the preparatory school (3 years), those aged 11-14 will be in middle school ( 3 years), and aged 14-18 in secondary school.
  5. Digital learning the NSP calls for a dedicated unit to take care of the digital and online education system of India at both School And Higher Education level.
  6. Vocational learning and bag-less days focus on the child to learn vocation and export to several more vocational courses online will also be made available Than the 10 bag-less days in a year to promote vocational studies for the student’s choice in form of arts, quizzes, and experts.
  7. The minimum degree of qualification for teaching will be for your integrated B.Ed degree. stringent action will be taken against sub-standard stand among teacher education institution (TEI)
  8. There will be no hard separation for students in subjects and courses and amount curricular extracurricular, no co-curricular, arts, humanities & science, or between vocational or academic stream.


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