PM Narendra Modi Highlights: NEP Will Shape the Future of This Century


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today inaugurated a conclave on Transformational Reforms in Higher Education under National Education Policy, through a video conference. Throwing light on various aspects of the new educational policy, the Prime Minister urged all to work towards the implementation of new national education policy.

PM Modi said that the work for NEP 2020 started around five years ago and suggestions of more than two lakh people have been incorporated to formulate the new policy. The Prime Minister expressed confidence that NEP 2020 will give direction to the country’s goal of Aatmanirbhar Bharat and help India become more self-reliant in the future.

Key Highlights: PM Modi on NEP 2020

  • Our education system focused on “What to think” so far. New policy emphasizes on “How to think”. There’s no dearth of info & content in the time in which we’re today. The effort is to emphasize inquiry-based, discovery-based & analysis based ways to help children learn: PM Modi.
  • Changing times has given rise to a new global system. A new global standard is rising. India needed to change its education system as per this. Creating a 5+3+3+4 curriculum, which moving ahead from the school curriculum’s 10+2 structure, is a step in this direction: PM
  • PM Modi Explained how this policy would help the students to focus on coding, research, and technicalities necessary to make the students global citizens. It would bridge the gap between technology and education in India, said PM.
  • Quality education is required in India and the institutes who provide better education require autonomy said the PM.
  • National Education Policy is set to lay the foundation of the new India of the 21st century, says PM Modi.
  • We need to develop critical thinking and innovative thinking abilities in our youths. It will be possible if we have purpose, philosophy, and passion for education, says PM.
  • NEP takes care of the dignity of teachers as well. NEP also focuses on teacher’s training because “when a teacher learns, the nation leads,” said the PM.
  • PM supported the students being taught until class 5th in their mother tongue as it supports their learning system more than the system being currently pursued.


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