Shaheen Bagh protest was “scripted by BJP” for gains in Delhi Assembly polls, claims Arvind Kejriwal


AAP’s Saurabh Bhardwaj made the statement a day after some Muslims from Shaheen Bagh, who was the center of the anti-CAA protests, joined the BJP.

The Shaheen Bagh protest was the key issue for the BJP ahead of the assembly elections. The party continuously claimed that AAP was in close cooperation with the protesters and was placating the minority community.

The list of people who joined the BJP on Sunday includes gynecologist Dr. Mehreen, former AAP worker Tabassum Hussain, and social worker Shahzad Ali, who were among the well-known faces at Shaheen Bagh.

AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj claimed that the BJP’s campaign for the Delhi election took place around the Shaheen Bagh protests and BJP was the only party that gained an advantage from the controversy surrounding the agitation.

Mr. Bhardwaj further said that the Delhi Police had not removed Shaheen Bagh protestors on the instructions of BJP, proclaiming that the Delhi Police was in close association with the BJP.

“The whole Shaheen Bagh protest was scripted by the BJP. The prominent leadership of the BJP scripted each and every step of these protests,” he asserted.

In his rallies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had addressed the protests as “anarchy” and sought Delhi’s directive to stop it.

PM Narendra Modi asserted that there have been multiple protests against the CAA in Seelampur, Jamia, and Shaheen Bagh, he claims that these protests are an experiment rooted in politics and that, if this was about a law, it would have ended.


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