Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to inaugurate world’s largest tunnel on Leh Manali highway in Himachal Pradesh Rohtang on October 3.


The construction of the ATAL tunnel which is a strategically important infrastructure project is been completed at the cost of around rupees 3,200 crores, the Tunnel is above 10,000 feet, and has been completed in the span of 10 years, also this tunnel will shorten the distance between Manali and Leh by 46 kilometers and drive time around seven hours. This will be the big infrastructure boost for Himachal Pradesh in the next month.

According to the report  Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Jay Ram Thakur was quoted in the PTI report saying that the tunnel will give all-weather connectivity to the borders and remote areas of the state.

ATAL tunnel will not be important from the strategy point of view, but will also give a boost to tourism in Lahaul- Spiti, creativity and employment opportunities

According to the report, the prime minister’s tentative program, he will come to Manali on October 3 for inaugurating the tunnel, and will also visit Lahaul

It is expected that the Rohtang tunnel will crores of Rupees in transport cost, earlier the VRO officials had informed that the project was in a critical state of development they said that the cost work of the strategy important tunnel including installation of electro-mechanic, fitting, lightning, road surface works, ventilation, etc, were being executed. meanwhile, another infrastructure project is also being developed which is100 a meter length Steel superstructure bridge across the Chandra River on Rohtang tunnel’s North portal.


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