Rafale Fighter Jet landed in Ambala Air Base


India’s first Dassault 36 rafale fighter jet aircraft have been purchased by the Indian government from France. India has brought a total of 36 rifle fighter jet in the deal to the worth $ 9.4 billion and they are all scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2021.

India is purchasing 36 rafale fighter jet in the bed to modernize its Army. The new jet arrived in Ambala, Haryana state at around 3:10 p.m. after covering a distance of 7000 km from the Merignac airbase in France port city of Bordeaux.

The security was tight at the arrival of the plane all the police and soldiers, closed roads, banned photographs, and enforced restrictions, not more than four people were allowed in the vicinity.

A water- cannon guard of honor greeted the Planes when they landed. The three single-seater and two twins with the aircraft were slated to make the trip in two stages with air to air refueling during the first leg provided by a French Air Force A330 Phenex MRTT tanker, the rafale is a second MRTT carrying 70 respirators, 100,000 test kit and 10 military health professionals to help India to fight over the COVID-19 situation. The rifle is a twin set combat aircraft capable of operating from an aircraft carrier as well as from mail and days completely versatile the rifle has to perform all the mission devoted to combating aviation air superiority and defense ground support, deep Strike, reconnaissance, anti-ship strike, nuclear deter come.

It comes at times of tension between India and China over the frontiers Territory of Ladakh which had to include hand to hand combat between a soldier of both the countries and left 20 Indian dead.


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