Major relief from uncertainty to sea and road transport segment as this sector recorded a steady recovery on month on month basis in August still, they are lowered compared to year on year basis.

Major Port volume recorded a healthy recovery in month of June and July by recovering up to 85 – 90 % pre COVID level. 2% Rise in E-way data month on month basis for road transport and Railways volume also rise up by 4%. According to India Ratings and Research.

Air Transport have supportively headed to the normal level with plant load factor around 65% for flights, extensive fleet remains grounded and passenger numbers in July were significantly below normal levels.

August month stood up for overall major port as improvement in volume as recorded, though the volume trade where lower compared to year on year basis. During peak pandemic period April to August, the overall volumes was down by 17%.

Road transportation which was limited to essential service has seen steady increase as the market share stood at 80% in August due to availability of truck as increase in supply of labourer and reduce railways market share. In August E-way bill challan contributed at 49 million i.e. steadily returning to regularity. It mounted at 86% of the pre-COVID pandemic levels and remains 3% year on year lower.

Fuel Consumption – Diesel consumption too observed a rise with a gradual pick-up in the business activities post lockdown. However, diesel consumption observed a month on month decline of 15% and 12% during July and August compared to the month on month decline of 11 per cent in July and August 2019.

Passenger traffic nearly remained nil in April and June because of the nationwide lockdown and travel restrictions. Although domestic carriers started operations in May and June, this passenger ratio at 59 to 76% won’t be truly representative of the actual recovery as an outsized number of aircraft are still grounded.

Freight traffic in July stood at around 65% of normal air freight volumes are often attributed to the overall weakness in economic activity, dearth of manpower and reduced availability of belly-load freight capacity with many passenger aircraft grounded.


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