Showik Chakraborty and Samuel Miranda arrested by NCB in Drug Consumption Case


NCB has arrested Showik Chakrabroty and Samuel Miranda in an alleged drug consumption case, on charges of procuring bud a curated form of Marijuana / Ganja sold for Rs. high as Rs. 5,000/- gram.

While Showik Chakrabroty is Rhea’s brother i.e. Rajput’s girlfriend, and Samuel Miranda was Rajput’s manager. Last week the NCB had booked Rhea Chakraborty, Showik Chakraborty, Samuel Miranda, and others on a certain section NDPS act based on information received from the enforcement directorate ED.

Showik and Samuel have been arrested under Section 8c, 28, 29 of the NDPS Act which state that if any producers manufacturer, sells, purchase, transport inter-state, export inter-state or uses cannabis and the quality involved is less than commercial quantity but greater than smaller quantity that the person shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to ten years and the fine can be extended to one lakh rupees.

The other three arrested for drug peddling are Zaid Vilatra, Abbas Lakhani, Karan Arora based on specific input in another case the questioning led the NCB to Vilatra who told officials that he ran and eatery in Bandra but was suffering losses owing to the lockdown and so started to peddle drugs.  Vilatra allegedly was in touch with Parihar.

Parihar allegedly told the NCB that he used to procure the drug from Vilatra on the instruction of Showik who asked him to give to Rajput manager Samuel Miranda.

Showik chats on the messaging application showed that March 17, he shared Vilatra contact number with Samuel Miranda and asked to pay him £ 10,000 for 5 grams of drugs. Miranda and Vilatra were tracked to the same location on March 17.

Showik has confessed that he used to procure drugs on Rhea’s behest and therefore her questioning is important to the case and she will be summoned in due course said a senior officer.


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