Uttar Pradesh Top Police To Visit Victim’s Family After Row Over Case Handling


The Uttar Pradesh Director-General Police, HC Awasthy, will visit Hathras today amid controversy over the local administration’s handling of the alleged gang rape and murder of 20-year-old Dalit women by the four men from the so-called upper caste last month. HC Awasthy, the UP DGP will be accompanied by Additional Chief Secretary Awanish Awasthi.

The top official’s visit comes as a wave of criticism directed at the Yogi Adityanath government in the state over both the Hathras tragedy and similarly horrific crimes against women. Yesterday five policemen, including the superintendent of Police, were suspended from Hathras district as the government tries to quieten the criticism.

In the days following the Hathras incident, which took place on September 14, at least two other assaults and rapes have been reported, including one on an 11-year-old girl.

The court said the matter was of “immense public importance… involves an allegation of high-handedness by authorities resulting in violation of basic human and fundamental rights”.

The family of the young women from Hathras has alleged multiple lapses from the police and government throughout the case. The police also triggered outrage after rushing to cremate the women’s body at 2:30 am, after allegedly locking up her family in their homes and preventing them from saying a final goodbye.

Several opposition leaders protested against the ruling government and demanded justice for the 20-year-old women raped and murdered in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras. The center has been slammed for not doing enough to stop crime against women.


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