With the rising rate of teen suicides, what can parents do to help their children at tough times?


By referring to the official statistics, the teen suicide rate is rising and there are many helpless and hopeless parents seeking answers to what they could have done to prevent it.

According to the reports presented by NCRB, 10,159 students died by suicide in the year 2018, an increase from 9,905 in 2017.  This disturbing trend has been known for years and it is our response that will set the change in the future.

The first step a parent needs to take, to understand their teen kids, is to communicate, talk about teen suicide cases. A Lot of parents have raised a complaint and their concerns regarding the rebellious and feisty behavior of their teen kids, which initially was calm and predictable. ‘Teen’ is considered to be a tender age where children deal with a lot of emotional as well as physical changes, their brain is rapidly growing connections that might have a certain side effect and because of which a big number of mental disorders like anxiety, eating disorder all kick in during teen years.

Dr. Siri Kamath, the Consultant Physician in Bengaluru said,” The capabilities and the abilities of a child are determined or judged solely on the basis of their academic achievements and society, in general, is not open-minded enough to respect non-scholastic achievements. Such a highly restricted outlook and judgemental opinions within the family can lead to dejection and the situation may appear to be invincible for some children, causing them to take the extreme step of committing suicide”.

As a parent, it’s important to know what is going in their children’s life. Having a non-judgmental attitude will help their children to talk to them freely, openly about their life. Parents should guide them and let them know that sometimes it’s ok to not be ok, it’s okay to feel low. The purpose of parents should be to help their kids to wade through the tough times.


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