Women leaders handled pandemic better than their male fellows – and the data shows that


Over the last few months, there has been much discussion of leadership due to pandemic. What represents good leadership? Which countries have performed better and which countries have been worse? The data shows that the countries led by women were seen to have handled the crisis exceptionally well.

Whether it’s Taiwan under the presidency of  Tsai Ing-Wen or New Zealand under Jacinda Ardern or Germany under Angela Merkel, countries led by females are looked up as an example of how to manage a pandemic.

Scrutinizing what might have caused this distinctive performance, the female-led countries locked down notably earlier than the male-led countries. Countries like New Zealand and Germany (female-led countries) locked down much more quickly and decisively than the countries like the UK (male-led country).

Considering the results might imply that female leaders are unwilling and reluctant to take risks. The data suggest that females, even those in leadership roles appear to be disinclined to risk as compared to men.

Indeed, in the current crisis, the risky behavior by male leaders have been reported. UK prime minister Boris Johnson said he “shook hands with everybody” on a hospital visit and  Brazil’s Prime Minister Jair Bolsonaro dismissed Covid-19 as ‘the little flu or a bit of a cold’. Both men have thereafter contracted the virus.


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